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Five 1-on-1 sessions for beginners. Start here to begin your fitness journey and let us introduce you to our program and culture.


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Our most popular option. With this selection, you are able to attend any of our CrossFit classes and have access to our Extra Credit and Competition Prep programming. If you will make it into the gym at least three times per week, this is for you.


monthly, unlimited classes
or $115 per additional member of the same household - Contact for details

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Drop In

Visiting town or want to stop in and see what we are all about? You're welcome! We love visitors. If you are new to CrossFit, your first class is on us!


1-class punch card


5-class punch card, 2 mo. exp.


10-class punch card, 2 mo. exp.

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Special Programs

Looking to level up your game? Our specialty programs are designed to help you round out your fitness journey. Our coaches will give you the one-on-one attention you need to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. Whether you're a mom looking to stay active or a seasoned athlete looking to perfect your technique, we've got you covered. Contact us to set up an appointment!

  • Personal training

    Individualized coaching and programming to help you reach specific fitness goals. These sessions provide hands-on training to help you improve your technique and reach your unique fitness goals with a coach.

    $65 /session 1-on-1
    $40 /session 2-on-1
    $30 /session 3-on-1
    $25 /session 4-on-1
    $20 /session 5-on-1

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Develop a comprehensive understanding of how to fuel your body with our macro-based approach to nutrition. This program will give you the in-depth knowledge and practical tools to overcome your weight and fitness obstacles. These include personalized macro targets, strategic goal setting, and ongoing support and accountability from our certified coaches.

    $65 /online consultation
    $150 /monthly subscription

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

    We are passionate about helping women exercise during the pregnancy and postpartum period due to its enormous benefits for both mom and baby. Our coaches are certified to support you on this special journey. The program includes breath work, core and pelvic floor exercises, and modified programming designed to keep mama moving safely and effectively through each trimester and beyond.

    Coming soon

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